My Boudoir Session

Today I was on the other side of the camera for MY boudoir session… and here’s how it went doing them myself!

At 8:30am today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, nervous, yet excited for what I had planned for this morning. I immediately put on some “Twerk Radio” (yes, that is a station, and you are welcome☺). I hopped in the shower, got out and lotioned my skin half to death. Blow dried my hair and curled it, then brushed it out to make it soft. Full face of makeup along with some gorgeous fake eyelashes! I picked out two sets of lingerie one being an over sized sweater with knee-highs. I started to pack all the clothes I had planned for today even all the new little pieces of beautiful jewelry I had chosen for my outfits! Once that was all done it was time to head to the studio!

Around 11:30am, I made it to the studio where I put some gangsta rap on, and started to get things set up and laid out. I set up my camera and flash on a tripod. I then began to set up my lighting and make sure the bed was all set up and ready! I proceeded to set a timer on the camera for 10 seconds and once I found my angle and shot I began to take my photos!

At 11:50am, I stopped shooting. I was frustrated and sweaty but somewhat hopeful. Check out my keepers and then I’ll explain my frustration and why I think DIY Boudoir is possible but should probably be avoided.


Ok, now that that is over! (Posting pictures of myself makes me super nervous.) Let’s talk about pros and cons of DIY Boudoir photography.
PRO: You’re the only one who has to see how awkward and half naked you are. That’s it. That’s the only “pro” I have.
I’m a professional photographer. I have all the necessary equipment. Experience. I’m pretty good at makeup and hair. I only spent a 20 minutes shooting and ended up with these top 3 – which, TBH, I’m very happy with. However – poses are hard to vary when you’re working with a tripod. Without a monitor attached to the camera, there is no way to see whether a pose even works, so I did a lot of posing, hopping back up, checking camera, checking focus, reposing. And nailing focus is also difficult. I used something to mark the spot to focus on but that had wildly varying results. By the end of those 20 minutes, I hadn’t even tried on my second outfit and didn’t have time to bother with detail shots. I was hot, frustrated and my hair was getting flat.
Verdict! If you know what you’re doing and have a tripod, it’s fun to mess around with your own boudoir photos. But you shouldn’t bother with it just to save money. Book a session with me – I’ll do all the work. You pose and look pretty and drink champagne.

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I want to illustrate the power of good portrait photography.
When I think about my own face and body, I have a tendency to focus on all the little things about myself that I don’t like. The dark circles under my eyes, my inability to tan, the loose skin on my tummy. I realized recently that when I think about my friends, all of whom I find beautiful, I *never* obsess over their flaws. I see the totality of who they are – face, body, brain. Those little human blemishes disappear entirely when we consider someone we love. We need to extend to ourselves the same compassionate, loving, gestalt view that we use when we think about our friends and lovers. I think boudoir photography can help with that.
Yes, I will pose you to highlight your best features. Yes, I will edit your skin and hair. Yes, I will crop and color adjust. I might even liquify a smidge.
We’ll do all these things to your photos so that you can see *yourself* the way the people you love see you. As the stunning, sexy creature you are.

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