Bts portraits taken by the amazing Brittany Teal with Real Teel Photography



I would not be at the point that I am at now if it weren’t for the specific one-on-one mentoring that I have received over the years. As a photographer and business owner I am an open book and believe that we can all help each other to grow if we are willing to share what we know! I truly believe that this is one of the very best ways to see immediate growth in your work!

Having attended a number of group workshops myself, I realize that when it comes to learning, one size does NOT fit all! In a group setting it can be hard to get the type of one-on-one attention and individualized instruction that really benefits you where you need it the most. For this reason, I LOVE to do one-on-one mentor sessions in Houston, Texas. These are offered year round and are scheduled whenever is convenient for you! Most importantly, I work with you ahead of time to customize the content so that you get the absolute most out of the time!

What is a one-on-one mentor session?

A one-on-one mentor session is a more personalized opportunity for training that essentially can cover the same material as the corresponding workshop but in a format that caters everything specifically to where YOU are at with your specific skill level, questions and photography aspirations!

I personally LOVE these one-on-one mentor sessions because they give me the chance to get to know you and your business personally and to address in more depth, your specific questions and photographic or business challenges in an informal setting. What this means is that you come away with very personalized training that you can’t typically get in a traditional group workshop setting!

What is covered in a mentor session?

Your personalized mentor session can essentially look however you want it to! All mentor sessions are about 2 hrs long and are generally made up of a “coffee session” (my informal name for the more “classroom” portion where we talk technique and address your specific questions…preferably over coffee or tea…hehe) followed by a hands-on shooting session. The shooting portion allows us to have some fun while putting the new info you have learned into practice and addressing your technique questions in a real shoot setting. I work with you to customize all of this, including the type of shoot, to be as helpful and specific to you as possible!

The most helpful part is that all of the information is catered to the specific area of photography that you are interested in! In a workshop, all of the information is generalized in an attempt to help the most people. In a one-on-one mentor session, the information covered is all tailored to apply directly to your area of specialty whether that is boudoir, children, or senior portraits.

Who would benefit from this type of session?

For the beginner professional (those of you who are in the first few years of your photography business – or are trying to start a photography business) these mentor sessions provide a unique opportunity to tackle those seemingly overwhelming business questions…something not currently covered in my group workshops! We can address things like packages and pricing structure, branding, portfolio building and even specific image critique in addition to building on your skill level and technique. Together we can work within your vision to set tangible and immediate goals to improve your photography skill and grow your business.

What is the cost of a one-on-one mentor session?

All one-on-one mentor sessions are $350 for 2 hrs. Additional hours can be scheduled upon request. These mentor sessions really are my passion. As I have built my business over the years I have found that the majority of experienced professional photographers out there are sadly either too busy or too “secretive” to help newbies. There is nothing that I love more than helping other photographers see major improvements in their images in just one day while helping to provide some direction and clarity to the (seemingly) overwhelming task of building a business. I cannot wait to help you!

How do I register for my own one-on-one mentor session?

Mentor sessions are scheduled at your convenience around your busy schedule. Fabulous right?! If you are interested in scheduling your own personalized session please contact me on this website to book! Full payment is due day of booking!