CHECK IT OUT!! Publication’s/ Feature’s


Surreal Beauty Magazine 2015

This passed August of 2015 Kathy owner of Surreal Beauty Magazine contacted me about my shoot with Holly Savage that was shot early this year! She was wanting to publish this set in her magazine! This magazine was my 1st publication ever!!! It was such an honor being published in her magazine! Holly is a babe and we rocked it during our workshop with Hugo V Photography!

Texas Inked Magazine 2015

This passed October 2015 My halloween set featuring Brittany Leigh and Jessie Hunter was published in Texas Inked Magazine! It was such great news hearing they loved our set and were wanting to add it to their October issue! I am so proud of the girls and myself for all the planning we did and hard work we put into this shoot! Leanna Hale was an amazing make up artist and did a fabulous job on the girls looks! Go get your copy today at you won’t be disappointed!

Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine 2016

On today April 8, 2016 Issue #18 of Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine is OUT!! I am so excited because my set featuring Holly Savage was published! I am so blessed for this opportunity to be in their magazine! Holly was a blast to work with and as you can tell she is a beautiful talented model. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next time when we work together!

Prima Tattoo Magazine 2016

Today July 9th, 2016 I have received another publication but this time in Prima Tattoo Magazine featuring Holly Savage. It is such an honor to be published yet again!

Xpressions Magazine 2016

I have been published in Xpressions Magazine this September 9th with Holly Savage and oh my gosh was this set amazing!! So happy the rest of this set has found a magazine home! This is the “The Ladies of Metal Special Edition Issue”.

Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine 2016

On today October 18, 2016 Special Edition #4 of Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine is OUT!! This set is featuring the lovely Conner Niles @bowzman! I am so excited for the set to not only be published but finally out! This magazine is a special 18+ edition, so if you are 18 and older go grab your copy today! You will not be disappointed!

Xpressions Magazine 2016

Today November 2, 2016 Xpressions Magazine released their Dark Beauty issue and Toxic Lace Photography received another feature, featuring Conner Niles @bowzman! Guess what!?!?! I AM IN IT TO!! Yes you read that right, I (your photography) was also published in this issue! That’s a DOUBLE publication! So cool to have not only one of my models/ portraits but see myself in this issue! Such an honor!!

Xpressions Magazine 2017

March 1, 2017 I received a lovely publication in this amazing magazine featuring Jessica Rabbit!! Go grab your copy over on Magcloud today:)

Femme Rebelle Magazine 2017

On March 1st a received a publication in this magazine but not only is Jessica Rabbit featured in this magazine so is Lauren Duncan! Double publication in this one issue?? Yes please!! I was excited to receive this awesome issue and I can’t wait until my copy comes in!!

Femme Rebelle Magazine 2017

On April 1st, I received another publication in this issue, but it wasn’t a model/client that was in this issue it was ME, yes YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!! I liked to play in front of the camera sometimes!! The session was for not only myself but my honey and just so happens that the issue wanted some of the set to!! It is such an honor to be in an issue on the other side of the camera!! Whoop Whoop! I did it!! (This is my second publication as a “Model”!)

Femme Rebelle Magazine 2017

On May 1st, I received a DOUBLE publication in this issue, Featuring Serina and Hannah! Go grab your copy and c=heck both of the amazing set’s that were published!!

Femme Rebelle Magazine “Bad Girl Issue” 2017

On May 1st, I received another publication in this special edition issue featuring Conner Niles! I am so excited this other half of her set found an amazing magazine home this month! Go get your mag and check it out you won’t want to miss it!