Why Book with Toxic Lace?

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1. Celebrate a milestone birthday

Whether you are turning 30 or 60, a boudoir session is really a great way to commemorate a milestone in your life. Plus, it’s a just a wonderful way to treat yourself, especially if you’ve spent a good portion of your time dedicating your attention to others. Go ahead, splurge and pamper yourself with intimate portraits.

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2. Create an awesome a birthday or anniversary gift for your partner

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find a great birthday gift for our partners, and an intimate portrait can be a wonderful way to express your feelings towards someone by surprising them with some sensual and/or romantic photos of yourself. It’s one of those gifts that both people in a relationship can enjoy.

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3. Treat yourself to a bridal boudoir session

Getting married but want a special way to celebrate your upcoming marriage? Enjoy a boudoir session and get a lovely collection of intimate portraits to share with your partner once married. It’s a special, memorable way to cherish this special occasion.

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4. Pamper yourself after losing weight

Losing weight is a big thing and it can take a lot out of you. Whether it’s 5 lbs or 50 lbs, Toxic Lace Photography can capture the you that was always there, regardless of weight. Take a step out of your comfort zone and schedule yourself for a session today. You won’t regret it!

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5. Congratulate yourself after a promotion

Did you just get promoted? Starting a new job typically requires a celebration. If you’d like to do something different – consider a Toxic Lace intimate portraits session where you can relax, get pampered, and turn into the beautiful diva or pin-up girl you always fantasized about being.

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6. Celebrate Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful milestones of anyone’s life and yet, we often forget to celebrate it. Intimate portraits are a fabulous way to get in touch with your sensual side during your pregnancy. Feel and look absolutely breathtaking and you’ll have a wonderful portfolio of memories to cherish.

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7. Express your inner you

Whatever age you are, we as women sometimes just forget to express ourselves and to have fun. A boudoir session allows us to fantasize for the day, have some fun, step into another person’s shoes, or create an alternate persona to put out there. We at Toxic Lace Photography will help shape your boudoir photography session, or we can totally tailor it to the experience you have always dreamed of!

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8. Empower yourself by trying something new

Whatever age you are, you are never too young or too old to try something new. It helps invigorate us and open our minds to possibilities. A Toxic Lace photography session is just another way to exercise your imagination and to expand your boundaries. We are here to coach you through your intimate portraits session and to provide you with fabulous props, accessories, hair and makeup. If you are a bit lost as to what you want, no problems. We can help you there too! Just let us know.

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9. Revitalize with a pampering session

Are you working too hard? A boudoir session is a great way to unwind, get back to you, and start anew. Whether you have just finished a class, got through a tough month, or over a past relationship, a pampering session may just be what you need for a bright new start.


10. Enjoy a session with friends

Is your BFF celebrating a milestone birthday? What other way to celebrate with her than for one or both of you to book a boudoir session and to spend the day getting pampered and all made up for your fantasy shoot. It’s a great bonding experience and you will always have the memories captured in a fabulous glossy portfolio for both of you to enjoy for many years to come.